Fit City LOVES February Events! πŸ’•πŸΆ

Join us for a heartwarming afternoon of downward dogs and furry friends on February 12 at Hyatt Mission Bay. Experience the joy of puppy cuddles, create care kits for rescue animals, and unwind with a relaxing yoga session. Spaces are limited, so register now to secure your spot. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with our community and support a great cause. See you there!

Welcome to February, a month dedicated to honoring and prioritizing the health of our most vital organ – the heart. As we delve into American Heart Health Month, it’s an opportune time to raise awareness about cardiovascular wellness and inspire action towards healthier lifestyles.

Take the plunge into better heart health with our invigorating Cold Plunge sessions. Experience the revitalizing benefits of cold water immersion, known to stimulate circulation and strengthen cardiovascular function, all while embracing the thrill of a refreshing dip.

Pump up your heart rate and groove to the rhythm of better health with our Cardio Hip Hop classes. Combining the infectious energy of hip hop music with heart-pumping cardio exercises, this dynamic workout promises to keep your cardiovascular system in tip-top shape while having a blast on the dance floor.

Experience the thrill of our recent Powerflex Field Day, where 200 attendees converged for a day of team-building and fun. At Fit City Adventures, we specialize in crafting unforgettable corporate events that inspire teamwork, boost morale, and foster lasting connections. Whether it’s a dynamic Field Day, energizing workshops, or tailored retreats, trust us to elevate your corporate gatherings to new heights. Discover the possibilities with Fit City Adventures and make your next event one to remember!

Instructor Spotlight

Meet Ashley Erickson, the heartbeat behind our electrifying Cardio Hip Hop sessions! With her infectious energy and passion for dance, Ashley led our Cardio Hip Hop event, infusing every session with rhythm, fun, and sweat-inducing moves. As a dedicated instructor, Ashley brings not only her expertise in dance but also hercommitment to helping participants unleash their inner groove and achieve their fitness goals. Watch Ashley and Michael Cochran, Marketing and Sales Director at Hyatt San Diego, crush this dance routine at Site SoCal’s Holiday Event! 

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