Meet the Team

Angela Minardi

Chief Experience Officer

Role: Chief Cheerleader, Experience Builder, Connector and all things client “wow”ing

Hometown: Dudley, Massachusetts

Favorite Activity: Barre, Pickleball and Skiing

Favorite Workout Song: All I Do is Win

The Best Part of the Job: You! Being creative and coming up with fun experiences with you to reach your goals.

Tobey Geise

Event Experience Director

Role: I manage the Event Experience Department, ensuring seamless event execution, happy clients, and implement new systems for constant improvement.

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Favorite Activity: Yoga, Hiking

Favorite Workout Song: Higher Love

The Best Part of the Job: My two favorite things all rolled into one: Events + Wellness!

Vanessa Bontigao

Sales and Operations Manager

Role: Crafting event proposals and creating marketing materials for our success.

Hometown: Philippines

Favorite Activity: Beach walks, Swimming

Favorite Workout Song: "Cake by the Ocean"

The Best Part of the Job: Achieving work-life balance

Alyssa Freter

Senior Event Experience Coordinator

Role: I am a part of the Event Experience (operations) team! I handle all the event behind the scene detail. You will also see me hosting virtual and in person events.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Favorite Activity: Boxing and Beach Volleyball!

Favorite Workout Song: Yeah by Usher

The Best Part of the Job: Watching companies come together as a team and have some fun!

Nicole Leavitt


Role: I manage all accounting and finance related activities. I got the skillz to pay the billz.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Favorite Activity: SUP/Volleyball

Favorite Workout Song: Anything you can dance to!

The Best Part of the Job: Getting to work with an amazing team!

Cindy Sanborn

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Favorite Activity: Sideline cheering for my daughters' competitive sports and my hot yoga vinyasa flow addiction (5-7 days a week for the last 15 years).

Favorite Workout Song: Feel Me Flow, Naughty By Nature

The Best Part of the Job: Meeting new people and seeing them smile, laugh and have fun during the activities we facilitate.