March into Spring Events with Fit City

Spring brings renewal, growth, and fresh beginnings. At Fit City Adventures, we’ve crafted events embodying the spirit of the season. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to wellness, exciting experiences await you. 🌷

Join the fun where mess is art and mistakes vanish. Unleash your inner child, revel in creative therapy, and whether crafting with your team or painting with friends, leave feeling brighter and lighter.

Join our military expert e.g. Navy Seal for a dynamic experience designed to
elevate your mindset and motivation. It will include a grounding mediation/mantra, some breathing (wim hof style) and chat on focus and mindset.

Enjoy a guided hike that blends environmental education with tree planting, weeding, clearing and learning about the environment. Get your hands dirty and help the planet!

Experience “Farm Feel Good” team-building: farm tour to learn about sustainable farming, hands-on farming tasks, and fresh produce tasting. Connect with lead farmers and savor locally sourced, organic food. Unite, learn, and support local farms together.

We’re thrilled to feature our newest wellness partners in Palm Springs and San Diego as we look for the best and most innovative companies to enhance our offerings.


Support event operations and sales teams in a fast-paced environment. Execute onsite events, manage storage unit, and assist with vendor research and file organization. Provide support for Hubspot sales/operations software, handle calendar invitations, and oversee feedback tracking and reporting. Assist in operations orders, event planning, and various research and administrative tasks for the sales team.