Your Healthy Shelter-in-Place Coronavirus Survival Kit

Employers and employees are looking for ways to stay healthy, especially those essential jobs like hospital workers and scientific labs that are working 24-7 through this pandemic.  Now more than ever is a time to keep your virtual workers happy, healthy & connected.  We’ve got your shelter-in-place Coronavirus survival kit ready to go. Our team is here to support you with resources, a virtual high five and a list of local resources to share.

Fit City Adventures offers local companies unique wellness concierge services brought right to their doors and devices.  Avoid the grocery stores and pharmacies while receiving all necessary services at work or at home. Coronavirus survival mode activated!

Workouts On Demand

  1. Dance Party USA: Join thousands of people across the country on Saturday, March 21st at 8 am PST for DayBreaker, a 2-hr yoga, meditation and dance party event from your living room or front lawn.  Get up, get moving and spread the good vibes (from a safe distance of course).
  2. Stretch Your Cares Away: Grab your mat and find your flow with classes from Steph Jones Yoga, Corepower Yoga, and Sojourn Healing Collective.  Check out @libberated’s Kundalini with Gather Encinitas or their Pilates class all for Venmo donations through Instagram Live.
  3. Bust a Move Bootcamps:  Get that heart rate up with full-body workouts (no weight required) by our partner Salina D Fitness and  Renegade Bootcamp.
  4. Take it the (social) Distance: Run your heart out and get some fresh air with virtual runs + tabata workouts with November Project. Follow their daily workouts online for free and Zoom in to meet new friendly faces.  If you’re looking to give back, join a Virtual 5K like the Junior League Carnival for a Cause or the Hot Chocolate Run.
  5. Access to over 1,000 Studio Sweat on Demand online fitness classes for your employees year around with an online portal and access from all devices.  This local company owns the online fitness game.

Mindfulness Matters

  1. Brain Break: Keep calm and carry on with free meditation sessions with our partner Melody at Mindful Mob.  She is offering online meditation sessions via Instagram Live. These classes are at 10:30 am for a 5-minute brain break @mindful.mob.  If you’d like a full private 30-minute online corporate session = 10-min breath work, 10 mindful movement at your at-home desk and 10-min guided meditation Zoom from your couch, reach out to us and we’ll get that set up for your employees weekly.  Take a break from the kids and chaos and let’s get the mind right to power through the day.
  2. Stop, Breathe & Think: Check out the latest free mindfulness app that includes breathing prompts and asks for your mood and feelings to create a custom guided meditation just for you – from 2 minutes to 20 – sit in the sunshine and just breathe.
  3. Power of Positivity: Join the San Diego Yoga community and upcoming Yoga Festival by sharing one positive social media post per day for the next 40 days leading up to the festival.  Let’s make each other smile and lift each other up – we’re in this together!

Healthy Food Delivery

  1. Farmer Fresh Meal Delivery: Our partner, Fresh Creations SD creates weekly meals with local, organic produce direct from the farm to your door. Support your local farms and keep your family healthy too. She includes immune-boosting smoothies and everything is refin free. Order family-style and save using code “FITCITY”.
  2. JR Organics: Get produce delivered right to your door with J.R. Organics family farm.  Load up on greens and avoid the grocery store.  This is perfect for families and couples that want to try fresh, seasonal recipes this weekend.
  3. Choice Juicery: Pre-order and pickup curbside or free delivery for those immune-boosting juices and essential vitamins from our favorite juicery, Choice. With locations all over SD County, stay healthy and hydrated today!
  4. Tocaya Organica: Order all-healthy, vegan and family plant-based meals from local fav and our cooking partner, Tocaya Organica.  Food is the best medicine – Coronavirus survival meals packed with a punch. Curbside pickup and free delivery too!

Health Concierge

  1. 24-7 Wellness Concierge: Get a doctor or specialist at your finger tips with same-day appointments.  Connect live on virtual chats with over 200 providers.  The services are local in primary care and 15 other specialties. Get prescription delivery through the program too. Receive real-time Coronavirus survival tips from health practitioners on the front lines. All benefits of being a Fit City partner!
  2. HydraFuse you healthy: B12 shots and immune-boosting IVs onsite in Encinitas (1 customer per time slot) and through their mobile unit.  Keep your body running like a machine when you’re all home in tight quarters. You can double down on the Vitamin C to get some extra Glutathione while you’re at it. Use code “FITCITY” for a free B12 shot with your first IV.

Craft with the Kids

  1. Creative juices floweth with these subscription box kits by local company, the Crafter’s Box, will keep you occupied and productive.  Get the family involved and paint, plant and practice penmanship.  Create a virtual crafting night with wine and friends over Zoom and stay connected to your community!

Sign up for the service today!  Meal deliveries and wellness concierge services can start as early as next week. Call 858.367.9992 or email with subject line “Wellness Concierge Services” to receive more information.