Introducing Fit City Adventures

Southwest Flight 1011 Seat 6A.

I am sitting here typing this as I look out onto the setting sun over the Pacific Ocean on my weekly Thursday night flight from Oakland to San Diego. Every week I fly back home to San Diego and every time we descend over Old Town, I pull out my phone to take photos. The “tool box” sky line, the USS Midway and Coronado bridge, and of course, the line of palm trees. There’s no city like it in the US – it truly is America’s Finest City. I feel giddy when I get out of that plane – there’s an excited energy in the air. I am almost always surrounded by groups of tourists heading out into the night for an amazing weekend of memories. Those are my people. I overhear them talking about the weekend’s activities. A bachelorette turns to me while waiting for an Uber and says, “Do you know a fun, healthy restaurant and a spot where my friends and I could hike tomorrow?” In fact, I do. I got you boo.

Introducing Fit City Adventures™

Its official, we’re locked and loaded and ready to roll. San Diego’s first health concierge company helping travelers, tourists and the local staycationers live that SoCal life. I’ve taken out the hassle of searching and finding the best health, fitness and wellness activities and put the fun back in. Sunset surf lessons? Check. Beach boot camp followed by a guided meditation? Got it. In-room massage, facial, B12 or Botox shots and a vitamin boost IV complete with farmer’s market juice and acai bowls or avocado toast delivered directly to you? All day Err Day. Personalized unique experiences cultivated for you – whether that’s soaking up the sun or moonlight hikes, we’ve got you covered. Let us package up the best this city has to offer and make yours the trip of a lifetime. We’re stoked to add to your Instagram roll and make unforgettable memories.

I’m passionate about fun, fitness and staying healthy on the go.

I moved from Boston two years ago to be outdoors year-round, so finding these fun SoCal activities has been on my radar, in fact, it’s my organic, locally-sourced, jam. My personal project became an obsession as more and more people began asking me for tips. I love connecting people and have always had a dream to start my own services business. Taking my background in PR, marketing and consulting with my knowledge and desire to find the latest and greatest activity combined with my love for this sunny city – the idea was born. I don’t know about you, but I cannot do the everyday gym workout. I’m in California, I want to be outside! I need to mix it up – and what better way to sleep well, burn calories and get those endorphins going than some fun-in-the-sun San Diego activities – all while seeing the city and having a blast with your friends, family and coworkers?

So pals, here’s my ask – I’m adding to my growing list.

I’m spending the next two months enrolling featured partners. If you know someone that owns or runs a San Diego recreation company, surf shop, bike shop, spa, wellness center, hotel, fitness center, run club, yoga studio and everything in between from kayaking to paddle boarding to hang gliding and golf, connect us! Email me. I’d love to have a meeting to discuss our mission and partnership opportunities. And while you’re at it, follow us on Instagram @fitcityadventures and Facebook @fitcityadventures. Drop a line and let me know what you’d like to see for events in 2019. Then share the post with everyone you know . Check out to sign up for our mailing list to see the local events calendar and get the monthly Fit City (Green) Flash eNewsletter. I can’t wait to see your smiling face and plan that unforgettable birthday, family reunion, and conference offsite. Let’s do this.

Stay fit San Diego!