Fit City Summer Menu is here! New events coming to your city…

Our Q3 menu is here, featuring incredible new items as we expand to 15 cities across the US. Explore over 100+ unique options for team building, fitness, and wellness activities! Get ready for the latest updates and highlights!


Photography Hike

Embark on a guided photography hike to capture nature’s beauty. Learn about ecology and history while snapping stunning photos of landscapes and wildlife. Learn the tips and tricks on your smartphone – no previous experience necessary!

Bikes and Bites

Discover hidden gems, savor local food, and pedal through scenic city views. Suitable for all fitness levels. Burn calories while indulging in delicious bites! Indeed, an active tasting experience through your city.

Hike & Sound Bath

Escape to serenity with our Hike and Sound Bath. Join us for a tranquil hike led by experts, where you can immerse yourself in the calming sounds of singing bowls and gentle percussion. Find inner balance and relaxation in nature’s embrace.



This unique event brings pros of the fastest growing sport, pickleball, to you or a nearby court in a training and fun competitive event that is fun for all levels. The first hour goes over the drills and skills and the second hour ends in round-robin winners and prizes.

Spin Class

Join our indoor cycling workout for a full-body experience. Our expert instructors will guide you through high-intensity intervals, sprints, and endurance challenges set to music.

Breathwork & Ice Bath

Bring the baths to the resort and help your team mates through this intense exercise to reduce inflammation and increase mental stamina.

Zen Den

Find your Zen with our Zen Den meditation experience! Our pre-loaded headsets with 3 channels of guided meditation featuring binaural beats will transport you to a state of deep relaxation.

We’ve been rocking back-to-back Zen Den sessions since Q1! We really hope you’ve been loving the guided meditation, seated stretching, and the incredible sound bath.  It’s all about finding your zen and enjoying the ultimate relaxation experience!


Farm to Table Tour

Experience the journey of food from the farm to the table with a farm to table tour. Enjoy a delicious meal made with the fresh produce.

“Plant a Tree” Hike

Enjoy a guided “Plant a Tree” hike that blends environmental education with tree planting.


Cover me in Sunshine

Join our wellness activation! Experience VR meditation, booster shots, astrology insights, a hammock lounge, SPF education, and beach trivia. Sip refreshing wellness shots and beach-inspired cocktails. Come rejuvenate on this immersive journey!

Kid at Heart

Unleash your inner child with our playful activation! Experience pottery, graffiti art, swingset relaxation, playstorming, and roller skating. Enjoy snacks, stuffed animal building, and community connections. Join us for a fun-filled adventure!

Gift of Rest 

Relax with nap pods, VR sleep meditation, dream interpretation, gratitude station, device charging, and deep rest yoga. Discover CBD, enjoy sleep treats, and connect with the community through lavender products. Take home soothing travel pillow sprays and phone sleeping bags.

Next Level

Stay well on the go! Our activation for road warriors features a mini cycle class, movement breaks, healthy bites, travel routine tips, and a chance to win a Fitbit and virtual wellness event access. Join us and prioritize your well-being while traveling!

Bring us to your conference! Do you have a welcome area or Wellness Zone that you’d like to activate in a fun and unique way? We’re here to help.

Operating in 15 cities across the US, we proudly serve clients nationwide.

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We have over 100+ team building, onboarding, wellness and community giveback events and activities for you! As a one-stop-shop concierge, we plan, book & host your team events, large and small.