Summer Sweat & Swim Workout Series Coming to Your Pool

We are your one-stop-shop lifestyle concierge.  With 100+ health & wellness activities in our menu, we create custom events and programs so that your crew can have all of the fun in the sun, stay healthy, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Summer heat has arrived and we’re socially-distancing our way through this Swim & Sweat workout series!

Check out our classes available in your private pool with:
Aqua Fit Board Bootcamp
Aqua Dance
Aqua Box
Mermaid Cardio

Combine these classes with our bootcamp-style class and host a summer kickoff for residents/guests like Boxing & (Kom)Boucha.

We deliver fun to your residents‘  doors & devices

  1. Cooking & Cocktails + Delivery
  2. Be Well Kits
  3. Be Fit Classes & Kits
  4. Say No to Stress / Beach Brain / MindTravel
  5. Health Concierge
  6. Rockin’ USA Musical Happy Hour
  7. The Game Show 
  8. Playshops 
  9. Ask a Pro
  10. Speaker Series