Rockin’ USA Musical Happy Hour

Join us for a fun Americana party on June 3 at 4 pm PST for our Rockin’ USA Musical Happy Hour. Wear your red, white and blue and invite your team leads to experience this virtual event that will have everyone singing and dancing again.

Fit City Adventures brings you musicians from SongDivision right into your living room.  We will create a theme song and record it by the end of the hour. The pros played with Smashing Pumpkins, Big & Rich and Cher and rock hard in all genres. Everyone is involved in the “Name that Tune” and “Finish the Lyrics” games for prizes and attendees will showcase their hidden musical talents!

It’s time to kick off those summer vibes with some good ole’ USA songs. We want to show you what our Battle of the Bands experience is all about so this event will be FREE for this insider session.

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Got Beach on the Brain?

We get it—not everyone can just walk on over to the beach every time stress starts to creep in. That’s why Reef asked Dr. Heidi Hanna at the American Stress Institute to find ways for us to take our brain to the beach no matter where we are or how busy our day is. Here are four quick and easy steps you can take to reap the benefits of Beach Brain from your desk, on a walk, in the car, at home, or pretty much wherever:

1. Get grounded

The quickest way to get out of your more stressful environment and into a beach state of mind is through your feet. The sole of the foot is one of the most blood-enriched, sensitive parts of the body – prime to receive sensory information to help recharge the brain and body. By putting on your comfy beach sandals, you’ll allow your feet to have a break and therefore trigger your brain to take one as well.

2. Listen to ocean sounds

Simply listening to the ocean decreases blood pressure and improves heart variability, AKA physiological resilience. Sound machines and apps that play ocean sounds are great tools to help you take a few minutes to relax, destress and soak in the benefits of Beach Brain.

3. Get some natural light

While nothing beats the all-natural rays of the sun and their power to boost energy, metabolism, bone health and immune function, simply flicking off the iridescent lights or turning away from your screen for a few minutes can make a world of a difference. Try natural light sources, such as candles, or wearing blue light glasses to filter out harmful rays from the many digital screens in your life.

4. Use beachy essential oils

Aromatherapy is all about what works best for you. There are hundreds of essential oils with different impacts on wellbeing. Lavender, ylang ylang and patchouli are all known to have calming effects. Lime, lemongrass and eucalyptus, on the other hand, are more uplifting and energetic. Mixing oils with both calming and uplifting effects can mimic the relaxing yet energic benefits of Beach Brain.

Needless to say, the beach can have some pretty incredible impacts on your health and wellbeing. Making even ten minutes a day to take your brain to the beach will not only impact your bones, metabolism and immune system, but will make you feel good and smile more. Now that’s major.

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Health Spotlight: MindTravel

Our partner, Murray Hidary, a classical pianist, composes music in real time and weaves in binaural beats to bring the brain into a meditative state. Ask us about a MindTravel session with your company.

We have one more week in May.  We will survey results from our mid-quarantine employee wellness check-in in early June.  Get in the mix! We want to hear from you and support your team during this time.

Celebrate Dad: Father’s Day Be Well Kits

Send a Surprise to his Door!

Our Dad Bod Basket will celebrate that special man with a little fun. Who said Dad Bods can’t be fit?

It will include everything your partner needs to make the best Old Fashioned, BBQ, stress-relief and some sports gear too.  Remember sports? He’ll also get a video step-by-step tutorial with Snake Oil Cocktails Mixologist to make that killer Sunday Funday drink.

Follow us @FitCityAdventures to get the updates and grab your gift.

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