2020 Wellness Trends – B12, Boxing and Booch Oh My!

Are you ready for 2020? Well you’re in it and we’re here to support you with tips, bits and bites along the way. Here is your bi-weekly Fit City Friday blog on all things health & wellness.

Mindbody just released their annual Wellness Index 2020 where they surveyed 20,000 participants and the results are city specific. San Diego ranked #18 out in the Healthiest Cities list, with Miami at No. 1.  That means we have room to grow!

In this week’s Wellness Summit at The Point, more than 45 fitness studios, salons and integrative health centers attended to learn what health-conscious consumers want in 2020 and the latest trends.

Top National Trends:

  1. Express Beauty (hello express facials and lash bars!)
  2. Recovery Discovery (think float tanks, cryotherapy)
  3. Mindfulness (meditation, mindful meetings, nap pods)

In general, customers want holistic care (mind, body AND soul) and love personalization and the ability to tailor their beauty and fitness to their needs.  With more than 100 activities and 45 partners, we do it all.

When it comes to physical fitness, yoga is still the most popular, but both men and women really want to try out kickboxing this year. We have a fantastic partnership with The Boxing Club of SD. Let us help you get these going at your company!

Here is San Diego-specific fitness class detail:

At Fit City Adventures, we believe in holistic health and supporting the full individual.  We’re not alone. Watch Reid Carr, the president and founder of Red Door Interactive, share his thoughts on corporate wellness and that mind, body, spirit connection for their downtown marketing agency in this episode of Wellness Rockstars.