Farmer’s Market Finds From Fit City Adventures

March is National Nutrition Month and a time to enjoy those fresh finds from our Farmer’s markets. Fun fact: Did you know that 80% of avocados produced in this country come from farms in SD County? We live in the guac mecca!

San Diego has more than 50 local outdoor markets featuring local, organic farms and vendors.  It’s a great time for Spring cabinet cleaning and the Farmer’s markets offer clean ingredients across so many products. In addition to the amazing fruits and veggies that we get to enjoy year round, these are some of my favorite vendors to hit the San Diego circuit:

  • Health-ade: This Kombucha company is owning the local fizzy drink game and offers a ton of flavors packed with probiotics for a healthy gut.  My favorite is the tried and true Ginger-Lemon but they have a pint for every taste.  The company was started by a husband and wife duo in 2012 across the local markets and has grown to selling in retail stories like Von’s and 7-11, but still pops up at events across the city.

  • Brodino Broth and I Eat My Greens Soup: There is nothing tastier or more nutritious than an organic bone broth or soup.  These local companies have mastered the art of flavor with all-natural ingredients and delicious tasting broths that fill you up from head to toe. With no preservatives or MSG, it’s the closest thing to homemade that you’ll find, and it tastes like your grandmother’s chicken soup with a kick.  I Eat my Greens soups include yummy options like Carrot & Sweet Potato with Tumeric and Pea, Ginger and Some Coconut Soup.  My favorite is the Black Bean & Chipotle Soup that packs a punch – all just simple ingredients and nothing artificial. Grab and go in a mason jar, heat up, and enjoy!

  • Aloha spreads: Trust me on this one, you’ll never go back to regular peanut or almond butter again. Their coconut almond butter tastes like you’re sitting on a beach on a tropical island.  It’s perfectly sweet and salty and a lovely topper for your favorite fruit or oatmeal.


  • The Loose Leaf: This local tea company was founded in 2008 and now has more than 20 caffeinated and herbal teas, ranging from insomnia relief to detox.  The Oceanside-based tea shop lists all ingredients on their bags and will let you sample a variety before purchase.  “Tea with a purpose” has a ton of health benefits, including digestion and reduced inflammation.

  • The Holistic Science Co: Their long list of apothecary goods are made in Ocean Beach “by and for people who choose natural elements over artificial”.  The product list ranges from charcoal toothpaste and aluminum-free deodorant to cocoa butter and essential oils.  They have a weekly spot at the Little Italy Mercato, but sell more than 100 products online too.

Check out the weekly Farmer’s market schedule and descriptions of each market here. Grab a reusable bag or two and get out there! Tell them Fit City sent you:).