Food & Drink, Virtual

Sweet & Savory Jars

Looking for a virtual team event that’s a bit crafty? Try our Sweet & Savory Jar assembly class. We’ll send you all the materials you need to put together gift jars, each which will contain the ingredients for a recipe. You’ll get 3 kits per class. (You can also purchase jars pre-assembled to give as gifts.)

Our Current Jar Varieties

  • Super Bowl Bark
  • Super Bowl Cookie
  • Valentine’s Day Cookie
  • Easter Cookie
  • Cupcake in a Jar
  • Death by Chocolate Jar
  • Coconut Curry Soup: orange lentils, green lentils, dried onions, dried garlic, bouillon cubes, dried chili pepper, curry powder, can of coconut milk
  • Southwest Bean Soup: 5 bean mix, black eyed peas, and spices

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