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The main objective is to educate all employees on diversity and inclusion beyond race and gender while inviting them to be more empathetic and inclusive with each other.

1. Short video on what diversity is followed by an anonymous virtual board where people can add sticky notes with their own diversity story

2. Unconscious bias and assumptions concept followed by a live voting of what people get wrong about you, which helps employees to have more empathy and trust for each other

3. Dimensions of identity: what forms our identities and how they shift throughout our lives followed by either a zoom poll to see the collective responses or virtual tool

4. We end the session with sharing specific examples of courageous choices each individual can make to create a more inclusive work environment regardless of their title. The anonymous ideaboard can be shared with all employees and stakeholders after the training

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What's Included
  • Virtual class Zoom link, Facilitator
  • Pre-event coordination and event coordination and hosting
  • Standard 20% gratuity
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