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Aerial Yoga For Opening The Heart Chakra

April 27, 2019 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

- $25

In this workshop, we will investigate the connection between the physical heart and the heart chakra with the aerial hammock.

💃 Limited spots…reserve tickets online today and SAVE:

This special designed class will help open and learn more about heart chakra. The Heart Chakra – Anahata – dominates our centers of compassion, giving & receiving love, forgiveness, and connection. Unlocking stagnant energy, you will be guided through a beautiful and inspiring heart chakra flow to open up your heart center and compassionate mind. Balancing the Heart Chakra will help to invite more unconditional love, forgiveness, patience, compassion and kindness and balance the Air element (especially since we will be flying). Physically, balancing this Chakra helps to improve the health of the heart, lungs and respiratory system. Open your heart and activate your Heart Chakra to let all the love in!

This aerial yoga class will show you how to get in and out of every posture and to connect deeper with your inner self! This class will flip your perspective, balance your body, and explore your playful inner child side. Aerial yoga is an opportunity to elevate your yoga practice…literally! Challenging traditional yoga postures, such as inversions and deep back bends, can be achieved without effort or strain with the use of the Aerial Yoga fabric. These inversions with body weight fully supported in the sling also provide maximum decompression of the spine as gravity works it’s magic, creating natural alignment; bringing equanimity and balance to the body. When you open your heart, you open the door to infinite possibilities.

*Space is limited to 13*
Time: 75 minutes

$25 Pre-Sale —–SAVE 17%
$30 Door

Maggie LaCosta is a skilled performing artist, teaches aerial yoga and hosts Ecstatic dance. She traveled far from the fairy realm to bless this earth with her joyful spirit and passion for blissful play. She believes you are your best teacher and are just on the journey of self-remembrance. One of her missions is outer peace through inner peace. Aerial Yoga is one way of connecting with the soul that she fell in love with. She loves the feeling of peace and clarity that comes after yoga practice. She is only here to support you on your journey of self-mastery and loves expanding beyond the boundaries created by the body and mind. Her intention is to bring relaxation, self-empowerment, heart expansion and joy. She thrives from within embracing the innocence of child-like essence sharing the magic, enchantment and amusement of life with all.